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Our Timeline

About this project: After a semester-long conversation about social justice histories and social justice in this moment, we created a timeline of important social justice histories and perspectives in Lawrence, KS. This work is shared with permission by the collaborators, who include Leah Stein, Adrian Cisneros, Amanda Thompson, Emma Hopkins, Emilee Girard, Morgan Bresolin, Morgan Mason, Cailin O'Mara, Zoe Wilson, and instructor Hannah Bailey

Our Sources: 

This project was completed in the fall 2020 semester, and the covid-19 pandemic impacted our archival access. This history was compiled using digitally available sources: ebooks, online newspaper searches, the Spencer Research Library online archives, University of Kansas history pages. 

Slide one sources:,

Slide two sources: physical research conducted at the University of Kansas Spencer Research Library archives. West Hills Homes Association Records, Call Number RH MS 794 (

Slide three sources: 

Harvey, Douglas. “‘It's Been Quite A Show Tonight, Hasn't It?".” KU History, 15 Apr. 2019,


Trowbridge, David J. and Clio Admin. "Sit-ins at Brick's Cafe to Protest Racial Discrimination, 

Lawrence KS, 1948." Clio: Your Guide to History. June 21, 2017. Accessed December 14, 2020.

Slide four sources: Donnelly, Caitlin. “Throwback Thursday: Fair Housing March Edition.” Kenneth Spencer Research Library, 17 Mar. 2016,

Coan, Clark H. Selected Chronology of Political Protests and Events in Lawrence, 2001.

Slide five sources:

Slide six sources: “30 Jul 1971, 5 - Harambee at”,                               

Slide seven sources:

Slide eight sources: “Afro House Program Description,” KU Libraries Exhibits, accessed November 23,                       2020,

Slide nine sources: “UNREST IS CURBED IN LAWRENCE, KAN.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 5 May 1970,

Harvey, Douglas. “A Long Weekend In A Long Hot Summer.” KU History, 16 July 1970,

Wright, Ryan. “Police Killing of Black KU Student in 1970 Reflects Today's Racial Climate.” The University Daily Kansan, 24 July 2016,

Slide ten sources:

Slide eleven sources:

Slide twelve sources: Anderson, Ric. “Peltier’s Art, Politics Are Showcased.” Lawrence Journal World, 11 June, 1993.   p. 6A

Casey, Jill. “Peltier Benefit Starts Slowly.” Lawrence Journal World, 24 June 1989. p. 1A, 13A.

Mathis, Joel. “Peltier Supporters Pin Hopes on Papers.” Lawrence Journal World, 8 July 2002.       p. 1A, 6A.

“Peltier Defense Group Plans Benefit.” Lawrence Journal World, 7 October 1992. p. 2B.

“Peltier Moves to Indiana Penitentiary.” Lawrence Journal World, 7 July 2005. p. 3B.

Sanchez, Mary. “Many Layers to Leonard Peltier Case.” Kansas City Star, 11 February 2009.

Slide thirteen sources: Gruver, Deb. “Students denounce holiday as ‘racist.’” Lawrence Journal-World, 9 October 1990, p. 9A. 

Slide fourteen sources:

“Press Release from the Sevier Family.” Cybold Press, Feb. 1996. Press Release

Thomas, Jerry. Hitchita! In Memory of Gregg Sevier. Cybold Press, 1997.


Slide fifteen sources: Nicholson, Leigh-Anne. “Indians to purse religious freedom.” Lawrence Journal-World, 13 October 1992, p. 11A. 

Slide sixteen sources:

Merkel- Hess, Matt, "Community activists gather to protest South Lawrence Trafficway," Lawrence Journal World, April 22, 2002,

Soren Larsen, Jay Johnson, and Daniel Wildcat, "Chapter Three: Ceremony is Protest, Protest is Ceremony," in Being Together in Place: Indigenous Coexistence in a More than Human World (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2017), 77–102

Slide seventeen sources: 

Moore, Katie. “Hundreds of People Block Flag Protest in Downtown Lawrence.” The Topeka 

Capital-Journal, The Topeka Capital-Journal, 12 Aug. 2018,

Tobias, Suzanne Perez, and Jonathan Shorman. “KU Takes down Altered Flag at Art Exhibit 

after Complaints from Colyer, Kobach.” Kansas, The Wichita Eagle, 11 July 2018,

Slide eighteen sources: 

Shepherd, Sara. “Jury Finds Man Guilty of Raping Teen He Met at Lawrence College Bar, Unable to Agree on Other Count.”, 10 Jan. 2019,

Clark, Mackenzie. “Albert Wilson, Convicted in Lawrence Rape Case, Could Get a New Trial.”, 21 Feb. 2020,

Slide nineteen sources: Hack, Celia, "Despite shifting politics, jail expansion proposal still looms large in Douglas County primaries," KLC Journal July 28, 2020,


Slide twenty sources: 

Slide twenty one sources: Peterson, Lucy. (2020, September 15). Strip Your Letters: Sorority women at KU call for Greek life reform. Retrieved December 08, 2020, from

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